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         What type of people can I expect to meet?

Most are professionals who want to meet more people.  They are people who just aren't meeting the right types of people through their work, church, family or social group.

         Why is this a non-alcohol  event?

Table for Two  has found that  most professional singles feel more comfortable in an alcohol free environment.

        How many dates can I expect at the event?

You will normally get between twenty and twenty five dates depending on the size of the venue. In our experience it is best to limit the evening to 25 scheduled dates. Our guests tend to prefer an evening that is not overly long.

        Can I attend an event if it is out of my age range?

Sorry! We have found if you are outside of the age  range you may get fewer matches.

        Is five minutes per date long enough?

Five minutes is just enough time to decide if you would like to see someone for a second date. Imagine having to spend 10 or 15 minutes with someone that does not interest you and we are sure you will agree that five minutes is just enough time.

        Why can't I just show up at an event?

We need to ensure an equal balance of our guests. We also need to ensure that enough people will be attending each event

        What if I want to pay by credit card?

No problem. We have a Pay Pal account set up for your safety and convenience. Using this method you are able to pay by credit card or by check. You do not have to be a Pay Pal member to use this method. Please contact us by telephone to make other payment arrangements.

        What is the criteria for signing up?

You just need to be single for pre-dating events, fit the critria for other events and have an email address. Table for Two focuses on  particular groups of people. We are not doing this to exclude anyone. We are always open to suggestions for new events, just let us know. 

        How many Table for Two events may I attend?

You can go to as many as you like This is all about increasing your chances to meet the right person. The more you meet, the better your chances.

        How do I find the location of the next Table for Two event

The event pages give the time and city where each event is held.  The exact location is not displayed on the website.  Once you have reserved and paid for your seat you will be sent an e-mail with the exact location of the event. 

        I would feel more comfortable bringing a friend. Is this ok?

Some people prefer to attend the Table for Two event with friends. If you would like to bring friends that are not are not registered please remember that we do reserve the right to hold a closed door event. However, many of the venues that we choose will still have the main bar or restaurant open for business for all of those choosing not to  register for the  Table for Two event.

        What if I need to cancel?

We do not offer refunds, however we will gladly move you to another  Table for Two  event as long as you have given us 72 hours notice of your wish to change.

        How long will the Table for Two event  last?

We strive to keep the event fast paced and fun. We find that anything extending over 2 hours is a bit too long.

         What happens when I arrive at the event?

When you arrive you will we will verify your identity by the picture ID you provide.  We will review the information we have to insure it is correct.  Then you will be given a scorecard, a nametag and a pen, and invited to have a refreshment. Once everyone has arrived the Table for Two hostess will explain how speed dating works and answer any questions. Then the dating begins. The women stay seated while the men will rotate every five minutes when the bell rings. After each date participants mark on a scorecard whether they would like to see that person again. At the end of the evening we collect the scorecards

        How will I know if I have any matches?

We email you the day after the event you attend with your results. If you have matches you will be given their first name, ID # and email address. We will also let you know those people that were interested in you that you did not check yes. Just let us know if you would like to change your no to a yes

        How should I dress when I attend an event ?

First Impressions are very important!. Wear what you feel comfortable in but don't forget that....You never get a second chance at making a first impression

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